It is widely thought that the system of tensions between nationalities was one of the fundamental problems of the Austro-Hungarian Monarchy. Scholars of this opinion believe that this could have been a reason for the Monarchy’s death even without the cataclysm of World War I. We do not know if they are right, because the Monarchy did not die of this in the end. Nevertheless, it is sure that the tensive force of problems related to nationalities increasingly pervaded the Austro-Hungarian Monarchy.

I have no intention of reviewing the history of problems related to nationalities in this paper. I do not even wish to provide a detailed analysis of the Austrian and Hungarian parliamentary systems, or their place in the political structure of the part of the empire concerned.

It is my aim, however, to show what factors had a decisive role in the relationship of the Hungarian Parliament and the nationalities. I also aim to raise awareness: beside every truth there is another truth.

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